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Convert Watts to Amps

Scientifically speaking, the conversion of watts to amps (more correctly, amperes) is not possible. Watt is the SI unit of power and ampere is the SI unit of current (SI = abbreviation for International System of Units). Since these are two entirely different physical measurements, it is not possible to simply convert watts to amps, or convert amps to watts.



However, with the help of a third variable, the potential difference which is measured in volts, this conversion can be brought about. The three different relations that bring together these three variables are listed below:

1.    Power = Current x Potential Difference

2.    Current = Power / Potential Difference

3.    Potential Difference = Power / Current



Now, if we substitute these three quantities with their units, you can see how amps, watts and volts are related in the following formulas.

1.    Watts = Amps x Volts

2.    Amps = Watts / Volts

3.    Volts = Watts / Amps

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Converting Watts to Amps - Example Calculation

This is done by the first equation, i.e. Watts = Amps x Volts.

If a current of 5 amperes is passing through two points in an electrical conductor which have a potential difference of 10 volts, then the power driving the current in watts is given by:

Power = Current x Potential Difference

  •  Power = 5 x 10
  •  Power = 50 watts

Hence, the power driving the circuit with the current of 5 amperes is equal to 50 watts.



Convert Amps to Watts

If a power of 40 watts creates a potential difference of 20 volts between two points of an electrical conductor, then the current passing through the circuit in amperes is found out as follows:

Current = Power / Potential Difference

  •  Current = 40 / 20
  •  Current = 2 amperes

Hence, the current passing through the conductor that is driven by a power of 40 watts is 2 amperes.

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The Concept of Watts and Amps

In order to understand the conversion, it is important to understand the concept of power and current, i.e. What are amps? and What are watts?. Current is actually a measurement of the speed of the electrons (the negatively charged particles on whom the entire concept of electricity is based) moving within a conductor. If there is a higher current in the conductor, it simply means that more electrons are passing through the conductor at any given time.



The power is what drives these particles. If there is a higher power (referred to in electricity as wattage), then a greater force will be exerted on the electrons to drive them from one point to the other, which in turn builds up their concentration in the conductor.